1. By requesting a Custom Tune from "ECM TUNER LLC", you, as the “Customer”, hereby represent that you understand the inherent risks of testing and tuning (Dyno or Road/Track Course) and that you have full authority to authorize the testing/tuning of this vehicle and to enter into this Waiver/Release.
2. You are aware that all tests are intended to be and will be at maximum performance and at wide-open throttle, thus applying stress similar to that which the vehicle would experience during operation on the road/track and is therefore susceptible to the same risks as on the road/track which may cause engine, power train and/or tire/wheel failure or damage.
3. As the “Customer” you know and accept the risk of running your vehicle on a dynamometer or street/road course for the purposes of tuning.
4. As the “Customer” you hereby represent that you know the condition of the vehicle and you assure that it is in acceptable condition to run on the Dynamometer or Road/Track Course for the purpose of testing/tuning. You are hear-by advised that "ECM TUNER LLC" does not know, nor assumes any such knowledge of the condition of the vehicle being tested/tuned and you nevertheless, agree to have your vehicle run on the Dynamometer or Road/Street Course for tuning purposes. As the “Customer” you represent that all parts of the vehicle are in good condition and are capable of full power and full throttle performance during any testing/tuning being performed.
5. Therefore, you hereby release "ECM TUNER LLC" from any liability of any nature for damage or other losses which may be sustained as a result of the testing/tuning on a Dynamometer or Street/Road Course for the purposes of testing/tuning and that NO warranty of any kind is offered or implied in any way by "ECM TUNER)".
6. You assure "ECM TUNER LLC" that your vehicle being tuned or modified is being used for RACING purposes ONLY and will not be driven on public roads.
7. You understand that this is a CUSTOM TUNE and NOT an Off The Shelf (OTS) map. The tune is built from scratch, based on your stock file. Because of the nature of custom tuning, there will be several revisions needed to properly tune the car for maximum performance and maximum safety. There are many variables involved in the tuning process and each engine and setup are different (as well as fuel quality) and can sometimes pose issues during the tuning process that may require extra time to dial-in perfectly. No refunds will be given due to length of time of the tuning process (or for any other reason) and there shall be NO expectations of how many revisions will be needed to finish the custom tune. Please understand that, while we take every measure to be as timely as possible, the tuning process is not instant, especially if not being tuned on a dyno, in a controlled environment.